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Measures to combat the spread of COVID-19

The Owners Corporation Committee has implemented a management plan to help protect residents against the spread of COVID-19.

The key objectives of the plan are to

  • Protect residents from contagion.
  • Support residents affected by isolation or hospitalisation.
  • Protect our cleaner who is vital to our ongoing efforts.

Measures include

  • Additional cleaning of balustrades, door handles and lift buttons in common areas.
  • Reducing foot traffic through the building by encouraging residents to accept deliveries at the main entrance.
  • Installing hand sanitiser at each entrance, as well as at the lift doors on level 1 and the waste collection area on ground level.
  • Postponing all non-essential maintenance.
  • Discouraging sharing of the lift.

The Committee is making every effort to stay appraised of developments and their potential impact on where we live.

Currently there is no requirement for a person self-isolating to report their circumstances to the Owners Corporation Committee. However, if the Committee is advised, it can take precautions in cleaning and sanitizing common property to reduce the risk of infection to others.

We therefore request that if you are a person at risk or have tested positive that you inform the Owners Corporation Manager who will advise the Committee.