Common areas

Access in common areas must be maintained at all times.
Common areas must be kept free of trip hazards like  personal property and doormats.

Pedestrian access

Pedestrian access to the building is via key fob through the main Gore Street entrance and secondary entrances in Rose Street.
An alarm will sound if the door to either entrance is open for longer than 20 seconds.


The number of fobs you are issued is based on the number of bedrooms in your apartment.

A fob provides entry to the main entrance and the Rose Street doors.

Additional fobs can be purchased from the OC Manager for a fee, which can be waived for those whose access to the building is predominantly via ramps.

Car park access

The number of remote garage-door openers issued to you is based on the number of car spaces allocated to your apartment.

Use your remote to activate the garage door on Rose Street. Access is also available via intercom. A wall-mounted unit is located inside and outside the garage door.

The intercom on Rose St can be used to activate the garage door.

To operate the remote, press it once. The door will close automatically after about 30 seconds. Motion sensors prevent the door from lowering on vehicles.

To replace the batteries in your remote garage-door opener, follow the four steps below.

Step 1 Open the case. Remove the two retaining screws from the rear of the case. Hold the case halves together and flip the transmitter over. Lay the unit on a table with the button(s) facing up. Carefully remove the case top.
Step 2 Remove the board. Very carefully remove the circuit board and set it aside. Notice how the batteries are placed in the bottom case of the transmitter.
Step 3 Replace the batteries. Remove the old batteries, noting their location and placement. Replace the batteries with fresh type CR1616, CR1620 or DL1620 batteries. Both batteries must be the same type.
Step 4 Close the case. Carefully place the circuit board into the case over the batteries. Align the board on the two case alignment posts. Hook the top case onto the bottom case on the button end. Squeeze the case together, flip it over and replace the two case screws. Test the transmitter for proper operation.


The key to your apartment will also open most internal doors throughout the building. Your key does not open the main entrance or Rose Street door – only your fob can do this.

If you require additional keys, contact the OC Manager, who will provide you with the authority for the locksmith.
Omega Corporate Security on 9689 3488 is the building’s locksmith.

There is no master key for the apartments in the building. Only a locksmith can gain access to your apartment in the event you lock yourself out.

Key safes are not to be installed on common property.


Do not grant access to the building unless you are confident the person seeking access is a resident. Visitors should be directed in the first instance to the intercom.

Always keep your apartment locked in your absence.
Security cameras are installed in most common areas to protect against damage and theft.

The cameras are also used to detect breaches of the Owners Corporation rules and can be made available to residents for a fee where an incident has been reported to the police.