Prior to undertaking any renovations, ensure you advise the OC Manager in writing. Renovations are defined as any activity that changes the composition of any surface in your apartment, including floor coverings. It does not include paint or window coverings.

It is your responsibility to apply for and obtain a building permit prior to starting works. Where one is required, send the OC Manager a copy. All contractors must be covered by risk insurance. Send the OC Manager a copy or proof of the contractor’s liability insurance.

Where works involve changes to the external appearance of the building, you must obtain written consent from the OC Manager.
Renovations that include changes to the surface or composition of floor coverings must not increase the level of sound transmission between floors. Where feasible, owners are encouraged to incorporate into their renovation the more recent provisions of the the National Construction Code 2019 Amendment 1 Section F5 dealing with sound transmission through floors and walls.

The owner is responsible to protect any common area from damage that may be caused by their contractor. Any damage to common areas caused by building works is the responsibility of the owner. Owners should seek from the contractor a bond payable on satisfactory completion of works.
The OC Manager will arrange contact between you or your contractor with the caretaker to ensure lift protectors are used.

The OC Manager will allocate one car space for the duration of the works. Trades must use only this car space and/or the unit’s private car space . Visitor parking bays must not be used without the consent of the OC Manager.

Building waste must not be disposed of in the domestic waste bins.
Essential fire services in your apartment must be maintained. You should alert all trades to the presence of these and ensure:

  • dust will not activate your smoke detector (covers can be applied during works)
  • ladders and other bulky equipment are handled carefully near fire sprinklers
  • front (fire) doors are not left propped open.

Ensure you contact your neighbours advising them of the works.
Working times for construction are 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 3pm Saturday.

Use the attached checklist to ensure you have completed all the required preliminaries.