Car park


Drive or cycle at no more than 5kmh when entering or leaving the car park.

The area immediately outside the lift on the ground floor is available for dropping off and picking up. Do not inconvenience other residents by leaving your vehicle unattended in this area.

Car spaces should be kept clean and tidy.

Residents will be requested to remove vehicles from their car space to enable periodic cleaning of the car park surface.

Visitor car spaces

Eight visitor car spaces are located on the ground floor of the car park. Visitor car spaces are for short-term use only – a few hours or overnight, not days or weeks.

Visitor parking is intended for short stays only.
Visitor parking is located on the ground floor of the car park.

Visitor car spaces are not for use by residents. If you have more cars than spaces, you may be eligible for a City of Yarra parking permit. Alternately, you may be able to make an arrangement with another resident.


The maximum clearance under the sprinkler system in the car park is 2.0 metres.

Damage to sprinkler heads will normally incur a fee of $1500 to $2500 payable to the Metropolitan Fire Brigade in addition to the costs incurred in repairs.

Storage cages

Some car spaces have storage cages. Applications to install a storage cage should be directed to the property manager.