Common sources of friction

Most disputes between residents are caused by noise, particularly music.

The floors on levels 1 to 5 in the Gore Street building are original, and insulate poorly. Be conscious of the noise your activities are generating.

Similarly, many of the apartments have bedroom windows facing into the atrium. Be conscious of this when farewelling guests at the lift or arriving home late at night. Do not allow your front door to slam.

The rules of the building disallow any noise that can be heard by a neighbour (regardless of whether the doors or windows are open) on Monday to Thursday before 7am and after 10pm, Friday before 7am and after 11pm, Saturday and public holidays before 9am and after 11pm and Sundays before 9am and after 10pm.

If a neighbour is causing a disturbance and you are unable to attain resolution by amicable means, you should contact police. You should also advise the OC Manager on the next business day that police were called.

Dispute resolution

In the first instance, you should contact the other party to the dispute. Asking politely to turn music down/refrain from blocking your car/stop dropping ash on your balcony will generally settle matters.

Usually, the Owners Corporation Committee will not intervene until there has been an attempt by the two parties to resolve matters.
If resolution fails, you should contact the OC Manager who may involve the Owners Corporation Committee in a resolution.

If you are unhappy with any decision or action taken by the Owners Corporation, a grievance procedure exists. This requires a written statement to the OC Manager, who will advise the grievance committee of the dispute.

The grievance committee is made up of members of the Owners Corporation Committee. The parties to the dispute and the grievance committee must meet and discuss the matter within 14 working days after the dispute comes to the attention of all parties.